Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[Acquisitions] Marvel Universe Falcon

After being preoccupied with work the past couple of days, I'm back with another addition to my 1:18 Avengers ranks, mainstream comics' first African-American superhero, Falcon. Cap will surely be thrilled to have his partner back!

Time is one luxury I don't have right now but I'll try my best to summarize where this figure shines and where it doesn't. This one's gonna be quick, but I hope it will still be full of good information. So, let's do this.

I'll tell you right off the bat that MU Falcon is not a perfect figure. The toy itself is very simple, there's nothing breathtaking about it, but somehow, it works. The headsculpt is great and I love the expression on the figure's face. Falcon reuses a lot of old parts from Wave 5's Guardian figure and that translates to a few issues regarding articulation which we'll cover a bit later.

The paintwork on my figure is a bit sloppy with the red paint bleeding on to the white at certain spots. Another issue I have is that they didn't paint the underside of the pelvic area red, it's a bit distracting seeing white spots at the crotch since the guy's wearing red pants. There's also a light blue wash on the white parts that gives the sculpt more definition, but I'm not happy that Falcon's mask has it too. 

The base body used actually provides a good approximation of the character's built, but I'm left craving for the advancements we've seen on some of the new Marvel Universe figures. It would have been awesome if the figure came with the fantastic neck joint that can be tilted a great deal back which is perfect for flying poses but unfortunately, we're stuck with a figure that can barely look up or down. The rest of the joints are fine but movement of the arms is slightly restricted by the wings, but that's understandable. 

Falcon gets a pair of translucent red wings, Redwing (his friend falcon), and a display stand for accessories. The wings look amazing and I like how they attach to the upper arms. I'm seriously thinking of getting some Microman stands so that I can pose some of my figures in flight, but that's another story. Redwing can be clipped to Falcon's arm but I'm a bit disappointed at how Redwing accomplishes that. Hasbro could have given the bird a pair of feet instead of an obvious C-clip to make it look more realistic, but they didn't. On the plus side, the paint wipes on Redwing are absolutely terrific.

Marvel Universe Falcon has a lot of flaws, but those flaws aren't enough to totally ruin the figure. It's still a good toy, but knowing that it could have been a lot better really bums me out.

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