Sunday, December 25, 2011

[Acquisitions] Marvel Universe Hulk

Merry Christmas, dear readers! I hope you're all having a wonderful day with your family and friends but please don't forget the real reason why we're celebrating today! Let's continue to strenghten our personal relationship with Lord Jesus and let's share His love and blessings with the people around us! My family and I will be off to the mall in a while but before we go, I'll be sharing with you another Christmas Toy Fair acquisition. I was able pick up an action figure of a character who is green, strong, and full of anger but no, I'm not talking about the Grinch here, I'm talking about the Hulk!

I was looking for this fig ever since I started assembling my 1:18 Avengers crew but I couldn't seem to spot one anywhere. A new MU Hulk was then shown at this year's SDCC and I thought I would be better off with the new one and so I decided to abandon my search for the Wave 2 Hulk. I made a list of my Toy Fair targets before heading to the event and this fig wasn't on my list but after visiting a few booths, I spotted this figure and I tried inquiring about its price. The seller was willing to part with the fig for only 400 bucks and without even thinking, I handed him 400 bucks. The card back's a bit damaged but since I'm not an MOC collector, I don't have any issues with that at all. I think I scored a pretty good deal for a sealed fig which is somehow difficult to find these days.

Height-wise, this Hulk fig is kind of small  but it makes up for that shortcoming by being really, really wide. The figure is fun to play with and it looks great alongside the other 1:18 Avengers. It's also well-suited for those various Hulk vs. anyone (or everyone) battles and to tell you the truth, posing this fig in battle against my Hulkbuster Iron Man fig really made my day. I'm planning to do a Hulk vs. Joes pictorial and I think it's going to be a fun-filled activity.

It has been announced that the new MU Hulk will be packaged with (first appearance) Wolverine as part of the first wave of comic packs for 2012. Compared to this Wave 2 Hulk figure, that Hulk figure seems to be bigger, that one also seems to have better articulation but I'm not a huge fan of that figure's head. I'm not sure if I'll grab that one too but right now, I'm loving this old MU Hulk! Happy Holidays!

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