Thursday, December 29, 2011

[Acquisitions] Captain America: The First Avenger Crossbones & Winter Soldier

The Captain America: The First Avenger figs are already on sale and I decided to snag these Crossbones and Winter Soldier figs because I think they fit my Joe-verse seamlessly. I'm quite fortunate to be able to find both figs on the shelves considering how well they were selling prior to the price reduction and for 200 bucks each, there was no reason not to give these villains a try. Luckily, both figs are worth the purchase.

I'm not sure what all the fuss was about with the Crossbones fig but during its initial release, it seemed to be somewhat difficult to find. I think the fig was available on a one-per-case basis and when the hoarders put their ugly game faces on, collectors were forced to go out of their way (and budget) to get the fig through eBay. Ironically, I was able to spot the Crossbones fig at Toys 'R' Us twice during its run and though I checked the figure out multiple times, I passed up on it nonetheless.

Now that I have the fig, I still don't see what the hype was about. Yes, it's a good fig but it's far from being special. I love everything about the figure's outfit and design but the skewed proportions just don't float my boat. The arms are simply too big even for a bruiser and the figure seems to be lacking in height. The fig comes with two TEC-9 submachine guns and an M-4 Carbine but oddly enough, the said accessories are molded in green plastic.

As for Winter Soldier, I had no intentions of owning this figure before but since it's now on sale, I bought one just for the jet-pack. As expected, the jet-pack is fantastic but the figure turned out to be amazing too! The entire body looks beautiful and I thought I could use it for a custom special forces agent but after only a few head swaps, the neck started showing signs of damage which is a bit unfortunate, considering how sturdy the figure looks. Still, it's a good figure and I'll try to find ways to incorporate it into my Joe-verse.

These figures are welcome additions to my 1:18 collection but If I were given another chance, I still wouldn't buy these figs at SRP. They are good bargains for 200 bucks each, but I'm not willing to get them beyond that price.

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