Monday, May 28, 2012

[Acquisitions] Super Hero Squad Iron Man Figs and Super Hero Headquarters

I was able to snag some additional Iron Man squadies for my mini armory during my Greenhills visit last month but what I was able to score through eBay a few days later definitely took the cake as my greatest SHS acquisition ever!

My latest SHS Iron Man haul is comprised of four figures, though they're mostly just repaints. My least favorite among them is the repainted Oversized Armor simply becuase I find the fig too small and too boring. My attitiude towards it can probably be attributed to the fact that I already own a different version of it and that it doesn't really bring anything new to the table for me. The golden Mark I doesn't really float my boat too but any addition to my Iron Man collection is a welcome addition.

I also scored two Extremis-sporting IMs and they're my faves from this haul. Prior to scoring these, I actually didn't have an IM squady which utilizes this particular sculpt and all of a sudden, I have two. I'm not sure but the one with the exposed eyes seems to be plucked out of the SDCC-exclusive Good Morning, Super Hero City! set. Cool? Nah, the wrongly placed eyes ruined it for me.

Luckily, the Super Hero Headquarters came to save the day! This super-deformed version of the legendary S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier is an absolutely gorgeous display piece but unfortunately, I can't fit it inside my display cab in its Helicarrier mode due to its dimensions. The Command Center mode gives me a chance to showcase this bad boy inside any of my six identical cabs but that's not really how I want others to see it. It's a Helicarrier, for crying out loud!

The Super Hero Headquarters is loaded with a ton of features designed mainly for kids. The features don't really blow my mind but I think the target audience will find these elements fun and enjoyable. The HQ actually doubles as a disc blaster simply by loading the four included discs into the provided slot and pressing the trigger found directly under the Helicarrier's console. The discs travel only a short distance when launched and that's probably for safety reasons.

With a mere push of a button, the flight deck splits open to reveal a command center. There's really nothing spectacular about this mode but it at least offers some decent amount of play value. There's also a jet board that can be launched by pressing two buttons at once and it's probably my fave among this playset's features. The jet board has three rolling wheels and it also features a foot peg for a figure to attach to.

The HQ also showcases parts that can be moved to allow for customization and play and they're headlined by the four giant turbines that can each be rotated a full 360 degrees. There are also a pair of swiveling side-mounted guns, a moving crane, and three rolling wheels.

The flight deck also features a number of foot pegs enough to secure 10 figures at the most. Light and sound effects are also present though I haven't tried them out yet. To round things off, this playset also comes with  a free SHS fig. Surprisingly, it's another repainted Extremis Iron Man. Yep! When it rains, it pours!

So, that's it. Getting a chance to expand any of my Iron Man armories is always a good thing but with the Super Hero Headquarters now in tow, I'm beginning to consider expanding my SHS collection to accomodate Avengers figs as well. I don't want to jump on it right away but it's an available option. Hhhmmm... What do you guys think?

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