Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[Acquisitions] Mighty Muggs Wave 1 Iron Man

My rest days for this week are over and I'm back at work handling an increased load but I'll try my best to post some site contents if time permits me. Today's schedule won't allow me to do a lot of my Playground duties, so we'll just breeze through another pre-Toy Fair haul and call it a day. I was planning to cover a different toy for today but due to time constraints, I made a compromise and decided to pick a less complicated figure to tackle, just to keep things short and simple.

Speaking of simple, I'm not sure if Iron Man figs can get any simpler than this but this Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 1 Iron Man certainly has its charm. I was searching for a cheap one for the longest time but a steep price of 1500 Pesos seemed to be the norm for this cutie, until I spotted one being auctioned off on eBay with a starting bid of only 650 bucks! I placed a bid on it and luckily, no one else did.

I think I'll be keeping the figure boxed to keep it in good condition as a fellow collector once told me that Mighty Muggs figs are notorious dust magnets. I don't want to mess this cutie up, so I'll be giving it the VIT (very important toy) treatment. There's really nothing spectacular about this figure, in fact, it's quite inferior compared to the Avengers Mini-Muggs Iron Man, but since I'm absolutely nuts over Iron Man, I still consider this one a great acquisition. Definitely a keeper.

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