Monday, December 19, 2011

[Acquisitions] Iron Man 2: Comic Series (Modern) War Machine

Greetings! I'm still feeling the euphoria of the just-concluded 6th Christmas Toy Fair and I'm very eager to share my hauls from the said event but before I can do so, I still have some good pre-Toy Fair acquisitions to show you. We don't really need to rush things because like I told you, what we'll be checking out are good acquisitions, and I'm quite sure you'll enjoy them.

Today, we are covering War Machine from the Iron Man 2 Comic Series (Wave 4) line of action figures. Wave 4 was not released locally here in the Philippines and I was only able to get the Wave 4 figs that I want through eBay, but only after months and months of waiting for a good deal to surface. I'm glad that I was finally able to snag this figure here because my contacts in the U.S. and in Singapore were unable to locate this one abroad, though I had to pay almost twice the retail price of the Iron Man 2 figs for this one.

War Machine has always been one of my all-time fave characters. He's the first Avenger that I came to like (followed by Hawkeye), and the character's Marvel Legends Series 9 iteration was my first ML figure. This War Machine figure is a little different, though. This figure does not represent the War Machine that I grew up knowing, this one portrays the modern War Machine, the one that came out of the ashes of the Dubai terrorist bombings, the cyborg one. Marvel, what the heck have you done?!

The figure reuses a lot of parts from the Wave 3 Advanced Armor and Arctic Armor Iron Man figs but a lot of new parts are also present. The figure comes with two heads (a cyborg Rhodey head and a War Machine head) but I'll be using the Rhodey head until another 1:18 Rhodey figure comes out. The War Machine head looks kind of odd when used, it sits a bit high on the neck, making the neck look a tad too long. The most annoying thing about this figure though, is that the poses you can make out of his arms are very limited as the removable shoulder armors almost always get in the way. Aside from the awesome removable shoulder-mounted weapons (which can be slid down his back) and the extra head, the figure also comes with the requisite display stand and armor cards.

Overall, this is a good figure. Don't hesitate to grab it when you spot one. If you do spot one, that is. Even with its flaws, War Machine is still worth the price I acquired it for and it's a welcome addition to my 1:18 Iron Man armory. I'm glad to have this fig in my collection, and you should have it in yours too.

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