Tuesday, January 3, 2012

[Acquisitions] G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary V.A.M.P. MK-II

I have a huge backlog of modern G.I. Joe vehicles that I still have to acquire and they're all from Cobra's side of the fence. As of this writing, the only POC Cobra vehicle that I own is the Doom Cycle. No, I don't have a HISS v.5 and I certainly don't have a Fury. What's even worse is that I also haven't bought a single Cobra vehicle from the 30th Anniversary line! I'm not sure why, but the Joe vehicles seem to appeal more to me than their Cobra counterparts do. Maybe it's because of the fact that the Joes' stuff are more military in nature but I can't really say for certain. Today, we've got the 30th Anniversary V.A.M.P. MK-II and it's here to show why I don't often miss out on Joe vehicles!

The V.A.M.P. MK-II is just a recolor of the Pursuit of Cobra V.A.M.P. but it's a great one at that! I've always considered the POC V.A.M.P. as one of the best G.I. Joe vehicles in recent memory and this recolor takes things a notch higher by improving on some of the POC version's flaws. The V.A.M.P. is finally back to being green and this time around, it's no longer sporting the red suspension that turned a lot of fans off. The ill-designed rear-mounted chain gun is still present but it's not really an issue to me since I don't have any plans of using it on my dio shoots. I have yet to apply the decals on my set due to time constraints but I hope to accomplish that task next week.

Yes, the V.A.M.P. MK-II is absolutely fantastic but the fun doesn't stop there as the vehicle comes with arguably the best figure pack-in in the franchise's storied history, the Steel Brigade Delta trooper. The figure is just a repainted Cobra Shock Trooper given a new head and slapped with POC Beachhead's vest, two knives, a machine gun, and a freakingly cool new helmet but the combination works to perfection. It's worth noting that the head seems to be an unproduced Snake Eyes mug but it somehow suits the body well. The green-gray-dark brown color scheme is ideal for jungle operations and I can't think of a better color palette for the figure.

I bought this set for only 1300 bucks (USD 30) at GreatToysOnline and I definitely got more than my money's worth. I will probably get another set if ever I end up with some spare cash after our upcoming Singapore trip. Right now, I have two requests though: a single-carded release of the Steel Brigade Delta figure, and a black (Night Ops) recolor of this Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle. Hasbro, if you want my hard-earned cash, you know what to do.

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