Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[Acquisitions] Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Daredevil and Bullseye Comic Pack

Even though I'm a toy collector, I actually live a normal life and I'm pretty much like everybody else, especially when it comes to matters concerning my finances. I work eight hours a day, five days a week so that I can provide for my family, save for the future, and buy the things that I need and want. I sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears to earn every penny I can and that's the reason why when I spend, I always want to get the most bang for my buck. I'm a quality freak, no doubt, but I'm the type who's willing to pay a premium for class and that's where my love-hate relationship with Hasbro manifests. It's no secret that I'm a sucker for Hasbro products. In fact, all of the toy lines that I religiously pursue are from Hasbro. If you've been following this site for a while, then you probably know by now just how much I dig the company's properties and licenses. Though I seldom encounter quality-related issues when it comes to Joes and TFs, I really can't say the same for MUs. Marvel Universe figs are usually hit-or-miss and the type of plastic used in making a certain figure plays a big part in determining whether that particular figure is a hit or a miss. The unfortunate thing is, we end up paying the same steep amount for the figures regardless of the type of plastic used in making them.

The soft plastic syndrome that plagued the Greatest Battles Comic Packs' second and third waves is back and this time, its casualties are Daredevil and Bullseye. To be quite honest, both figures look fantastic but I wish I could trade some of the figs' beauty for a bit of functionality as both figs are rendered almost useless by the aforementioned soft plastic syndrome. It's interesting to note that the figs’ upper and lower torsos seem to be made from a stiffer type of plastic compared to the one used for the arms, hands, legs, and feet. I don't know who came up with this idea and what his/her reason was behind it but to be brutally frank, it doesn't work. This configuration makes it nearly impossible for the figures to maintain at least a standing pose and the very loose leg joints (thigh swivels, knees, lower leg swivels) don't help the figures' case either.

With those issues out of the way, let's move on to the figures' good qualities and let's start with the sculpt. Both figures use the medium-built yet muscular body first used by Wave 13 Cyclops, so basically, what we have here is a pair of similar figs slapped with different heads, given distinctive colors and paint apps, and dispensed with character-specific accessories. The overall sculpt is really nice, it suits both characters considerably well, and it's arguably the best generic MU sculpt to date. For mere repaints, the height and built of both figures are perfect. Both head sculpts are amazing as well. Kudos to the sculptor (or sculptors, for that matter) for capturing DD's signature facial expression and nailing Bullseye's patented smirk and forehead pattern.

Paint-wise, both figures are molded in color with DD in red and Bullseye in black. Since Matt Murdock's costume is completely red, the only paint apps that his figure gets are bright red for the eyes and the tampoed chest logo, flesh for the exposed parts of the face, and black wipes throughout to help prevent the fig from looking dull and plasticky. If you're planning to snag a set, watch out for the black wipes on DD's head/face as a lot of collectors have been complaining about the apps on the face for being too thick and concentrated. Meanwhile, the paint apps that Bullseye gets are white with black lines for the circular forehead and shoulder patterns, gloves, and boots, flesh for the exposed parts of the face, white/blue/black for the eyes, and blue wipes on the white parts of the costume. The blue wipes seem a bit excessive but that's just a minor nitpick. To my surprise, both figs are visually striking despite their simplicity.

Daredevil and Bullseye both get a very generous serving of articulation but that's not necessarily a good thing. I don't really have any issues regarding the articulation from the waist up, but from the hips down, the joints are simply deal-breakers. Like most of the old ToyBiz Marvel Legends figs, these two are brought down by too much articulation. Still, the balljointed head/hinged neck combo is fantastic and I hope to see this neck configuration on all future Marvel Universe releases.

For accessories, Daredevil gets a red billy club that splits into two while Bullseye receives a silver pistol and a silver dagger. Both figures sport a non-readily removable belt linked with a left leg holster to keep weapons handy during combat. Bullseye's belt also has a working sheath at the back for the dagger to fit into when it's not in use. Bullseye's accessories are insanely soft but that's what we've actually been accustomed to with this line, so, I'll let that issue pass. Since this is a Comic Pack, the figs come with a reprint of Daredevil issue 132. I didn't even bother to read the thing because of the awful artwork but there's a very informative 6-page character dosier inside that's worth a look or two.

I don't know whether I should recommend this set or not. The figures look absolutely fantastic but their flaws are fatal. I really dig the figs but the soft plastic syndrome/loose joints combo is just a bit too much to take. I'm planning to score some Bandai Stage Act flight stands to make Daredevil somewhat serviceable as my 1:18 Avengers display won't be complete minus the man without fear. Meanwhile, Bullseye's going to the bin of unwanted toys since I don't really have a place for the guy in my collection. I'm not entirely sure but there might be some sets that have figs with tighter joints out there and in case they do exist and you hear of one from fellow collectors, then snagging a set for a chance to own functional versions of these figs is definitely worth the risk. After all, I might just have gotten the short end of the stick when I grabbed my set.


  1. These figures are absolutely gorgeous. I find myself actually shocked at the visual quality as i've been avoiding MU figures since the first wave. Since 2010 they seem to have gotten much better (aesthetically speaking at least).

  2. Indeed, Sir. The difference between the old figs and the new ones, aesthetically speaking, is like night and day. It's pretty much like comparing the 25th Anniversary Joes to the Pursuit of Cobra/30th Anniversary Joes.

  3. I should have mentioned this previously but the 7th picture down from the top is fantastic. You really sold this comic pack with that image. In fact i was so mesmerized by it i had to count down from the top 2x heh. If it weren't for the slightly slim , athletic build of this body type i'd probably use it for every custom i have in mind.

  4. Thank you, Sir! I really like this particular body and I hope to see it used more often, but I also hope to see the issues I've raised be corrected. Just can't fathom seeing something this good go to waste.

    Again, Sir, thank you. ^^,


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