Thursday, May 3, 2012

[Acquisitions] Avengers Movie Mini Muggs

Man, did I have to wait for these or what? When pics of these designer toys first surfaced last February, I was so thrilled I had goosebumps. No kidding! Not only am I a huge fan of the Avengers, I'm an advocate of the Mighty/Mini Muggs concept as well, you get the point. These cuties were on top of my to-get list and trust me, I was looking forward to get these more than anybody else was. Alas, when they were finally released locally, I was nowhere near any toy store. Why? Because I had no dough, seriously. Then, after being delayed for almost a month, our annual incentive pay finally saw the light of day (thank you, Petron) and so I hurriedly scheduled a trip to Greenhills and the rest, as they say, is history.

Despite the long postponement, I was fortunate enough to score a set that is in considerably good condition. Yes, my Iron Man Mini Mugg's box isn't that pristine but I had to settle for this particular one since it's the only one available. Apparently, Iron Man is this set's best-seller and it's plain to see why. Come on, admit it, everybody loves the guy!

I'm sticking by my decision not to set my Muggs loose since they're known for being notorious dust-magnets so  please pardon me for not having photos of these cuties out of their respective boxes. I'm glad to say that all six characters passed the cuteness test with flying colors and not even one of them looks off after being Mugg-ified. Among the six, I think Iron Man's the toughest one to Mugg-ify because the dude's helmet/mask devoids him of facial expressions but Hasbro nailed the look here and boy, did they nail it good! I also love the fact that majority of the six didn't come bare-handed. Cap's got his shield, Thor's got Mjolnir, Nick Fury has his guns, and Hawkeye has his trusty bow (sorry guys, but Clint didn't get some arrows). I don't know whether the accessories are removable or not, though. In case you do, please hit the comments. 

If I have one complaint about this set though, it's definitely got to be Black Widow's omission. I don't know what's Hasbro's beef with female characters is, but they've already done this twice to my beloved Avengers. They left Wasp out of the 2011 SDCC-exclusive Avengers Mini Muggs set and now it's Black Widow's turn to be snubbed. To be brutally frank, I'm miffed. Hasbro only needed to make one more fig to complete the movie line-up and they didn't pull the trigger on it. Something's got to be effin' wrong with those guys in Pawtucket.

Still, this set is full of fun. The figs are cute, they're not expensive, and they're based on bad-ass characters from the best superhero movie ever. You can't go wrong with these cuties, but by holding back on Black Widow, Hasbro did.

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