Friday, February 10, 2012

[Acquisitions] Super Hero Squad Iron Man Figs

The wifey and I have just returned from our 5-day Singapore sojourn so please let me apologize for the site's long (and unannounced) hiatus. The trip went as planned and I'll be playing catch up for quite some time to share the various stuff that I was able to acquire during our vacation. We better get things started quickly because the list of the toys that I need to talk about is getting longer by the minute!

Today, we have some loose Super Hero Squad Iron Man figures fresh from China Square Central (CSC)! CSC is a shopping mall located at Singapore's very own Chinatown, it's a prime destinaton for the country's toy collectors since it houses several toy and hobby shops. During Sundays, the place transforms into a toy mecca, thanks largely to the markdowns being offered by the vendors and the presence of small-time sellers who set-up simple tables and booths to ply their wares. We visited the venue last Sunday and the experience was a blast! I was able to score some bargain deals and I'll try my best to cover all those stuff in my succeeding entries.

I got this set of Iron Man squadies for a fair price of 10 SGD (about 340 PHP or  7.50 USD). The store where I purchased the figs only had five IM squadies available in their bin but since I already have the other two figs in my collection, I bought only these three. The repainted Mark VI is my least favorite among this bunch, the yellow paint apps on it are very limited and I just don't like that fact. On the other hand, the recolored Ultimate Iron Man is as beautiful as its predecessors (Ultimate Iron Man & Ultimate War Machine) are, it sports the familiar red and yellow combination and even though I'm not sure if this armor appeared in the comics utilizing this color scheme, I'm quite certain that the inspiration behind this fig was the armor that Tony Stark used in the two Ultimate Avengers animated features. The best figure among the three is definitely the Initiative War Machine squady, it's rocking a brand new sculpt and it doesn't stray away from the bad-ass source material too much except for the silver parts that should have been painted white instead. The figure's sculpt is top-notch and the green paint apps are notably refreshing to the eyes, a very impressive figure indeed!

I'm extremely happy to add these three bad boys to my Super Hero Squad Iron Man collection. Together, they bring the number of my IM squadies up to 30 and though I still have a lot to track down, any addition to my collection is a welcome addition.

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