Thursday, December 22, 2011

[Acquisitions] Daredevil & The Thing Self-Vending Buildable Figures

After two restless nights at work, I'm getting the feeling that this week is going to be a lot tougher than I previously thought. I need to get a ton of sleep to help me get through three more nights of rigorous work but I want to continue what I've been doing the past couple of days (dishing out blog entries) to show my gratitude to the peeps who continue to patronize the site. Thank you, guys! So, let's go check out some Marvel stuff which I was able to acquire from this year's Christmas Toy Fair!

Last July, I posted about the first series of A&A Global Industries' self-vending, buildable Marvel Heroes figurines and this time around, I have two figures from the line's second series: Daredevil, and the Thing. I made a vow that I would only collect the Avengers characters from this line and back in July, that meant getting only the Thing from the entire Series 2 line-up. But as per recent events in the Marvel universe, the man without fear is now a member of the New Avengers and so, having this Daredevil figure immediately became a must.

Both figures look great but I like the Daredevil figure more, there's just something about the red outfit that makes it look more appealing. I like the fact that they didn't forget to give the Thing his world-famous blue eyes but Daredevil really owns the spotlight between the two. I also love the stare on both figures' eyes, it gives the figs a lot of character for their size.
I hope to see more figs from this line but as of posting this entry, there has been no follow-up to the line's second series yet. I still have to track down three figures from Series 1 but I'm really praying for more figures from this property. These figs are simply adorable!

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