Monday, November 28, 2011

[Acquisitions] G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Barbecue

After another tumultuous week at work, and yet another excruciating bout with back spasms, I'm back with another 1:18 acquisition. This time we're taking a break from the various Avengers stuff to give way to an old Toys 'R' Us exclusive, the Headquarters for Heroes Barbecue! But don't fret, Marvel fans, we still have some Marvel Universe figs to cover, though not today.

TRU branches here in the Philippines have been carrying TRU-exclusive G.I. Joe merchandise for years, but I still don't know why the Headquarters for Heroes Barbecue and Firefly figs never made it out locally. A few eBay sellers somehow got a hold of the figs but their prices were simply ridiculous, I just had to pass off. The figs went out fast, but one Barbecue figure got left behind. Its seller waited for more than two years before lowering the figure's price, and believe me, I was there waiting the whole time! When the seller made the price-cut, I happily clicked the "Buy now" button and I finally have my ROC Barbecue! Mission accomplished, soldier!

This figure is just a straight repaint of the 25th Anniversary Barbecue figure, but I'm not complaining. The TFAC Barbecue is a good fig, but this one's even better! The yellow-black-metallic gray color scheme works, and the figure looks absolutely fantastic when placed beside ROC Helix, though their colors are slighly different.

Aside from getting the firefighting equipments that the TFAC version has, this one also comes with a pair of guns in the form of a rifle and a shotgun. The guns are very much welcome because I don't really need a firefighter on my team, I need soldiers. It's just a bummer that Barbecue can't hold the guns in a very realistic manner, thanks to the large tank on his chest, but that's fine. A Stupid Giant Gun (with one missile) and the ever-important display stand round out Barbecue's accessories.

I'm glad that I finally have this fig. It's nothing special, but it fills a hole in my ROC line-up. It's an amazing purchase for 600 bucks, and it's definitely worth the wait. 

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