Saturday, October 15, 2011

[Spotlight] G.I. Joe: Marauders/Dreadnoks 7-Packs

Hasbro revealed their new sets of G.I. Joe battle packs two days ago at the New York Comic Con and we're taking a look at those bad boys today!

The Cobra Battle Pack is actually a Dreadnoks Battle Pack and the set includes an action figure version of the following characters: Road Pig, Zanzibar, Gnawgahyde, Burn Out, Zanya, Zandar, and Thrasher. I'm not really a big Dreadnoks fan but I'm honestly digging this set because of Road Pig. I used to own a Road Pig figure back when I was a kid and this modern update absolutely rocks, I can't wait to put my hands on it! Burn Out also seems to be a keeper while the rest are a bit too exotic for my taste. To complete the gang, I might need to get an SDCC Zarana too.

While the Dreadnoks set features a line-up of characters never made in G3 form before, The G.I. Joe set, on the other hand, is quite a mixed bag. Labeled as the Slaughter's Marauders Battle Pack, the set includes original Marauders members Low-Light, Barbecue, and Spirit in their familiar team BDUs. Also joining the fray are Bull (formerly known as Taurus), Red Dog, and Mercenary (formerly known as Mercer) of Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades team. Rounding out the set is another one of Sgt. Slaughter's trainees, Lt. Falcon of the Rawhides.

It's nice to see Taurus, Red Dog, and Mercer finally get the G3 treatment, and while we already got a G3 Lt. Falcon during the 25th Anniversary line, the new version seems to be a lot better and I'm all for the character's inclusion here. What bums me out is that Low-Light, Barbecue, and Spirit are taking the slots that could have been used for Sgt. Slaughter, Footloose, and Mutt. The Pursuit of Cobra line gave us a great version of Low-Light and a good iteration of Spirit, and I don't see the point of throwing these characters into this set when Hasbro could have given us some new Joes. This set could have also been used to reach out to the fans who missed out on the SDCC Sgt. Slaughter figure, but that's not the case here and we just have to accept how Hasbro's character selection team works.
Another issue that concerns me is the use of the color blue on the headgears of some of the figures. I know that the old figures sported the same blue headgears back in the day, but  we're more than 20 years removed from 1989 and unless a soldier wants to get shot in the head, you won't be seeing him wearing a bright blue headgear in battle! Geez!

Well, these are just minor qualms and we all know I'll surely be getting these figs when they come out. Such is the life of a G.I. Joe fan boy.

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