Saturday, July 9, 2011

[Acquisitions] Marvel Universe Luke Cage

As kids, my brother and I used to get our supply of Marvel and DC comics straight from our uncles and aunts in the U.S. Being huge fans of the X-Men animated series back then, we used to make requests for several X-Men titles, and everytime a big box of goodies arrived, a mad scramble surely ensued. It's funny that I never really owned a lot of X-Men books, as my brother and my cousins made sure that I only get to own the titles they didn't want for themselves, and those titles were usually Avengers-related stuff. And that's how I came to be a huge Avengers fan. 
When our uncles and aunts decided to cut off our supply, I decided to buy several titles on my own and coincidentally, during that time, the 1997 iteration of Heroes for Hire was being launched. I was able to get HfH's first issue and I religiously followed the book until the local bookstore stopped carrying the title. The Heroes for Hire's rotating crew reminded me of the Avengers' fluid line-up, and I believe that it was the primary reason I got hooked. And that's how I came to know Luke Cage.
Since then, Luke Cage has become an itegral part of the New Avengers/Avengers,  providing the muscle the team needs and assuming a leadership role after the assassination of Captain America.
With my recent decision to expand my collection of 1:18 Marvel figures beyond my Iron Man armory, hunting old Marvel Universe figures has become a priority. Luckily, I was able to snag this Luke Cage figure when I went to Greenhills last July 6. I'm glad to have this figure in my collection as it can also work with my G.I. Joe figures, probably as Roadblock's buddy. The figure towers over regular-sized 1:18 figs, and it comes with a lot of plastic accessories like a removable bonnet, a huge chain necklace, a bent piece of metal, and a figure stand. The figure also comes with some paper accessories, with the Superhuman Registration Act card being the most notable one. The paint applications on the figure are simple but good, and the figure's articulation is also worth praising. Surprisingly, the plastic used for the figure isn't very soft, and that makes this figure a pleasure to play with and take pictures of. Truly a good buy and an amazing addition to my 1:18 Avengers.


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