Thursday, July 7, 2011

[Acquisitions] G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra Cycle Armor with Ashiko

I have a confession to make. To be completely honest, I'm slowly losing my interest  in G.I. Joe products. Why? Because it takes a lot of effort on my side to be able to get the latest figures and vehicles that I want. I either have to travel all the way to Greenhills or have the items shipped here in Bataan just to get my POC fix. A good sum of my toy money actually gets wasted on transportation and/or shipping, and it's beginning to irritate me.  Curse you, Playkit!

Lately, I find myself being more inclined to buy other toys instead of Joes. Toys which are actually on the pegs, toys which I can easily get at the nearest Toy Kingdom and Toys "R" Us branches. I still have a long backlog of unowned POC vehicles and figures, yet I'm starting to divert my funds on to various 1:18 Marvel figures, and I don't feel guilty. I don't think I'm ready to quit collecting Joes, so maybe this is just one of the ups and downs of toy collecting getting in to my head.

So, let's talk about this bad boy right here. Well, I bought this set primarily because the included figure is a new character, and I'm a sucker for new characters. To be brutally frank, if this vehicle came with another recurring character as its driver like all the Cobra vehicles are getting, I'd easily pass up on this one too. Aside from Ashiko, the huge bike also did its part in wooing me to buy this set. The bike is very bulky, and I really love bulky stuff. I've heard a lot of people complain about the bike's conversion to armor, but I haven't opened the box yet to verify their complaints. For me, if the armor mode doesn't look good, I don't think I will have any problem displaying this thing as a bike. The new character and the awesomeness of the bike already make this set worth the purchase in my book, regardless of whether the conversion of the bike to armor works or not.

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