Thursday, July 28, 2011

[Acquisitions] Captain America: The First Avenger Heroic Age Captain America and Captain Britain

These two figures may very well be my last 1:18 Marvel acquisitions until I complete my line-up of Autobots from the three Transformers movies. I was originally planning to track down the figures of several members of the Avengers from the old Marvel Universe releases but a change of plan was necessary as I got hooked on the Transformers movie toys. So, let's make this one quick because I still have some toy cars to convert (err, i mean transform) into bad-ass robot figures.

These are the latest additions to my 1:18 Avengers crew,  Heroic Age (Bucky) Captain America and Captain Britain. Both figures are well-sculpted, Bucky Cap sports a lean frame while Brian Braddock gets a bulky body. Both figures also get metallic paint apps, but be wary of badly-painted copies when you decide to get your share of these two  figures. I was able to snag a Bucky Cap with good paint apps with relative ease, but I was forced to settle for a Britannic figure with decently passable paint apps as finding one with cleanly-applied paint was next to impossible. I'm glad to report that none of the figures suffer from the annoying soft-plastic syndrome and that both figures have the wrist swivels that were absent from the U.S. Agent and Heavy Artillery Cap figures. Both figures also get their fair share of good and bad accessories, Captain Britain has his mighty Excalibur sword and a useless Stupid Giant Gun (missile launcher), while Captain Barnes has his trusty knife and pistol and his Stupid Giant Shield with pop-out blades. Apparently, the guys from Hasbro decided to give Bucky Cap a thick spring-loaded shield probably to boost their sales! If you want a Bucky Cap with the proper shield, you can buy either the Captain America vs. Skrull Giant Man Gigantic Battles set or this one plus another shield-wielding Captain America figure. Either way, Hasbro wins. What the eff?

Both of these figures are awesome, but it's hard to get over Bucky cap's hamburger shield. But since I beg not to be a victim of Hasbro's evil schemes (just kidding!), I decided to put my Bucky Cap figure on display minus the shield. I just placed Captain Barnes beside Heavy Artillery Cap, suggesting that the shield is with its rightful owner. ^^,

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