Monday, April 4, 2011

[Spotlight] Marvel Select: Iron Man & War Machine

After receiving my POC Cobra Shock Trooper figure, I decided to set my Marvel Select Iron Man & War Machine figures loose. I got the figures out not because I was excited to play with the them, but because I was really looking forward to try their display bases out as backgrounds during my toy photo sessions. But after setting the figures loose, I found myself playing with them for a couple of hours. Man, these figures are awesome!

Yup, both figures  suffer from limited articulation but they are still great display pieces. I love their bulk and they really look good together. There are some paint app errors on the Iron Man fig (the silver parts are bronze instead, and the eyes aren't "lit") but they're not that bad. As an Iron Man fan, I'm very glad that I bought these Marvel Select figures.

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