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[Review] Iron Man 2: Rolling Battle Headquarters

Note: This review was originally posted at TS118’s Forumer site on September 2, 2010.

As a G.I. Joe fan, I'm always looking for ways to expand my Joe-verse. I frequently scout other 1:18 figures and playsets to look for potential keepers, and I'm always happy whenever I find something that is perfectly compatible with my G.I. Joe figures. There may not be a lot of non-Joe toys that suit my taste, but there are still some items that I can't pass up on. One of those items is the Iron Man 2 Rolling Battle Headquarters (RBHQ). And we'll be checking it out today...

The Iron Man 2 Rolling Battle Headquarters playset is composed of:

-The Rolling Battle Headquarters (an assault vehicle that can be converted to an HQ)
-A Mark VI Iron Man figure with very limited articulation
-Two additional slip-on armors (labeled as backpacks on the packaging)
-A pair of slip-on gauntlets
-Two weapon-like accessories
-Three armor cards
-A projectile launcher
-Four projectiles
-Two mechanical arm thingies
-A hand-rail (for the stairs)
-An instruction manual
-A sticker sheet

The RBHQ vehicle mode is quite cool. It looks formidable, but it looks like it can run fast as well. There's not much to say about the vehicle mode, the design is simple without being dull. There is a projectile launcher on top of the vehicle, and it can be hidden (well, sort of... the color gives it away) and rotated thanks to a combination of swivel & hinge joints. A knob located at the rear of the launcher serves as the trigger, rotate it and the projectiles fire one by one. There is also a push-button on the right side of the vehicle that activates light & sound effects. All of its wheels roll freely. Note that i didn't apply the "Iron Man" stickers that were supposed to be placed on the RBHQ's sides as they make the RBHQ look toyish.


Converting the vehicle into the HQ mode is quite easy. Just lift up the vehicle's top, place the accessories, and lower a piece on its left side that serves as an entrance. 

Upon lifting the vehicle's top, a platform is exposed with the underside of the vehicle's top working as an accessory holder and a launching pad for Iron Man. The platform can be raised and rotated, adding play value to the set. The top of the launching pad features a radar/antenna thingie, probably for tracking enemies. The vehicle's projectile launcher can be transferred near the top, acting as the HQ's defense system. The aditional armors, gauntlets, and weapon-like accessories can be displayed on the side panels.

The HQ features a mini-control station that is composed of a computer monitor and two sets of keyboards. The monitor is a clear plastic piece that can be hidden or retracted, and it houses the included armor cards. The keyboards are actually push-buttons for actuating the light & sound effects. The HQ also features two mechanical arms, a large one that can be used as a robotic assistant, and a smaller one that I can't honestly find a use for. The mechanical arms are articulated, adding more play value to the set. The HQ also has some pegs for your figures.

The cockpit can be accessed by simply lifting up the vehicle's front. It features a single seat and a control pad that can be moved forward or backward, thanks to a hinge joint.

I won't be talking about the included Iron Man figure. The only thing you need to know about it is that it has very limited articulation. A very dull and worthless figure that doesn't add any value to the set. 

The RBHQ retails for P2600. It's a good playset, with lots of play value. If the colors turn you off, you can always repaint it. I think it will serve as a great BAT repair bay for your Cobra troops, or a Delta 6 Accelerator Suit repair bay for your Joes. For me, 2600 bucks for this playset is a bit too much, but when it goes on sale, you should definitely grab it! I bought mine from a friend for a fraction of the cost. I don't regret buying it, and I'm very happy that I own one. You should own one too!

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