Sunday, April 10, 2011

[Acquisitions] Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Packs

Back when I was still into Marvel Legends, I thought that the 1:12 scale was the best scale for action figures. I dismissed other scales as inferior to what I've been accustomed to. When the ML line wilted, I crossed over to a toy line which follows a different scale, and I got hooked. Yup, I'm talking about G.I. Joe and the 1:18 scale. Crossing over opened my eyes to the wonders of  the 1:18 line, and I'm just glad that I made the jump. The great thing about the 1:18 line is that you get those wonderful playsets and vehicles that are really a joy to play with. I believe that 1:18 is currently the "it" scale, as more and more properties are being given the 1:18 treatment. Properties like Marvel's wild bunch of super heroes and villains.

When the Marvel Universe line first came out, I was planning to dive right in and assemble a 1:18 Avengers line-up, but budget constraints and the line's scarcity drove me away. I decided to limit my MU purchases to the various Iron Man releases and pass up on the other Avengers with the goal of having a 1:18 Iron Man Armory while also avoiding the hassles of chasing rare/short-packed Avengers figures. I thought I was doing a great job controlling myself and resisiting the urge, until I stumbled upon this Deadpool-Taskmaster comic pack at Toy Kingdom (Pampanga). Heck, Deadpool is not even an Avenger, but the character is just overflowing with coolness that I just had to buy this set. One thing led to another, and so I went home with three MU Comic  Packs and an empty wallet. Oh, was I talking about self-restraint just a while back? Never mind.

So, are the figures worth the purchase? Well, to be honest with you, I really don't think so. Why? Because the effin' figures are so damn soft except for Iron Man! Kinda makes sense though, Iron Man can't be soft, simply because he's Iron Man! The figures are intolerably flimsy and wobbly because of the soft plastic used in making them. What bums me more is the fact that all the MU Iron Man figures I have bought before are as sturdy as my G.I. Joe figures, and I thought I already knew what to expect from this line. Surprise, surprise! Expect the unexpected. 

Spider-Man is actually fine, while both Sentry and Deadpool can't stay on their feet for too long, and Taskmaster needs a wheelchair because his legs are useless. But do you know what the worst thing is? Of all characters, Thor has the flimsiest legs! For crying out loud, he's the God of Thunder! His body is so buff, you know just by looking that he's tougher than nails, and he has soft legs that can't seem to carry his bulk and weight. Tragic.

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