Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[Acquisitions] Iron Man: The Armored Avenger 1:12 Initiative War Machine

My first encounter with this figure was when I was checking out the Iron Man thread over at PTK, looking for new 1:18 releases. I remember being so excited about this figure that I immediately asked some fellow collectors & some toy dealers about its availability. Fortunately, I was able to snag one from the pegs of Toy Kingdom (Pampanga) and I didn't have to get one through eBay. So, is this figure worth all the hype?

Well, I'm not really 100% sold on this one. The head, upper torso, lower torso, shoulder pads, hoses, arm blasters, and the missile launchers are all new. All the new parts are great, but the reused parts bring the value of this figure down. The new parts, with the exception of the hoses, are all made from sturdy plastic, while the reused parts are made from soft plastic, a staple from the first movie's line of action figures. I don't know why they had to cut corners and reuse parts from the first movie line's Stealth Striker Armor, but they certainly brought down this figure's appeal.

(Image courtesy of jjinbeat.com)

The figure may just be a close approximation of the image above, but even with all the reused parts working to the figure's disadvantage, this one's still a good buy for a thousand bucks.

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