Thursday, March 17, 2011

[Review] G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Jet Storm Cycle (Rip Attack Vehicle)

We've already talked about how these Rip Attack Vehicles work when we checked out the Tiger Snake. Let's now take a look at the Joe's Jet Storm Cycle, and see which is better of the two.

The Jet Storm Cycle comes with the same launcher and ripcord as that of the Tiger Snake, only done in a familiar olive drab color scheme. It also comes with two removable yellow missiles (which work as stabilizers for the bike when launched), a Snake Eyes figure, and the said character's requisite filecard.

This Snake Eyes figure is the first Jungle Assault version of everybody's favorite ninja, but unfortunately for us, the figure's just made of reused parts that don't look suited for the jungle.  The figure's head, torso, and lower extremities all come from the ROC Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes, while the arms, hands, and webgear are from the first ROC Snake Eyes. To make matters worse, this poor guy doesn't even get any accessories, not even a single gun or sword. It's a shame that this figure is just another rehash, and with the POC Jungle Assault Snake Eyes also missing the mark, we're left longing to see a 1:18 version of the Sigma 6 Commando Snake Eyes, or the Sigma 6 Jungle Commando Snake Eyes.


The included figure may be bad, but the same cannot be said about the Jet Storm Cycle. For me, this vehicle is definitely better than the RAM (Rapid Assault Motorcycle) or the Snarler Cycle. Even though it's front forks cannot be turned, the bulk of the vehicle pretty much gives me what I've always wanted to see in a Joe motorcycle. The colors also complement the sculpt, and this vehicle just exudes a different kind of swagger. Another great thing is that the figure can ride the bike naturally, making it a good display piece. My only qualm about this set is about the color of the missiles, do they really have to be yellow? The missile color doesn't ruin the look that much, but the people at Hasbro could have done a better job. 

This is a great purchase for 300 bucks, with or without the crappy figure. I was planning to army-build the Tiger Snake before,  but I guess I'll spend my dough on a couple more of this vehicle instead. A bunch of biker Joes will definitely look bad-ass. These Rip Attack Vehicles are really great for army-building, grab a bunch of Tiger Snakes and you'll get an army of Street-Vipers too, but I'm settling for a bunch of Jet Storm Cycles, simply because I love how the bike looks.

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