Saturday, March 26, 2011

[Acquisition] Iron Man: The Armored Avenger 1:18 Figures

Sometimes, being a fan is tough. When we were kids, my brother went bonkers over the X-Men, while I rooted for the Avengers. Today, he's all about the Transformers, and I'm about G.I. Joe... and the Avengers. With Marvel dishing out one movie after another of Avengers characters, there's no better time to be an Avengers fan. And then there are the toys, lots of them.

My Marvel Legends collection started out with the Avengers figures, and just like a blockbuster movie with a spin-off, my ML collection spun off a 1:12 (6-inch scale) Iron Man Armory. When Iron Man 2 hit the cinemas, 1:12 figs were no longer the norm, as 1:18 (3.75-inch scale) figs had already taken over the action figure industry. Hasbro followed suit and introduced their 1:18 Iron Man figures, and up to now, even with the Thor movie just right around the corner, they haven't stopped releasing more of these Iron Man repaints. Crazy.
For the casual fans, the new figs, being just rehashes, are quite easy to ignore. For avid fans like me though, the opportunity to expand my 1:18 Iron Man armory is pretty hard to pass up on. And so, I copped some.
I have two issues with the latest wave of 1:18 Marvel figures though. My first gripe is that the price point of each fig went up from 450 to 500 Pesos. My second complaint is that the figures no longer have stands. So, we're paying more, but we're getting less. Hhhmmm... Isn't that a great way to alienate the fans?

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