Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[Acquisitions] Marvel Universe Sub-Mariner

As promised, more Marvel Universe Avengers stuff! Today, we have the Sub-Mariner! Umm, the Sub-Mariner? Well, it's Namor! Namor the Sub-Mariner! I know Namor's got a bunch of notable aliases, but I'm not sure why Hasbro/Marvel decided to use the name Sub-Mariner on the packaging when I think it's clear that the character is best known as Namor. Well, I can live with the name, especially because the figure is awesome!

This is actually the third MU Namor/Sub-Mariner, the first one came in Wave 5 using the name Sub Mariner (yup, without the dash) and the second one was part of the SDCC-exclusive (2009) Invaders set, using the name Namor/Prince Namor. All three figures are vastly different from one another, but this version is definitely the best of the three. The first one looks outdated (thanks to the fugly costume), the second one has skewed proportions, while this one is almost perfect! I'm glad I didn't buy the first version when I had the chance.

I'm not really a big fan of Namor, probably because I hate his characterization. The guy's an arrogant anti-hero, and he usually acts like a jerk. I don't like jerks, but Namor is an essential  part of the Avengers, and this figure deserved to be snagged.

The entire sculpt of this figure is amazing. From head to toe, I can't find a thing to criticize. The paint work is also unbelievable, the figure is molded in flesh tone and Hasbro nailed the right amount of paint wipes needed to highlight the sculpted muscles. Articulation is also top-notch, and I can talk about it all day. Namor has that fantastic neck joint that allows the head to be tilted back for those swimming poses. The figure also has swivel thighs, swivel legs, rocker ankles, and a sick mid-torso joint! The elbows can bend a bit more that 90 degrees, and they're only hinged, not double-hinged. Accessories-wise, Namor comes with his omnipresent trident and a display stand.

This figure is succesful in putting the other two versions to shame, and it's a welcome addition to my growing 1:18 Avengers army. I'm surprised at how good this figure turned out to be and I hope to see more figures like this from the Marvel Universe line. So far, MU figs have been hit-or-miss, but this one's a huge hit.

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