Thursday, October 27, 2011

[Acquisitions] G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Attack on the G.I. Joe Pit Headquarters

I don't know how the heck it happened, but it did. I bought this set way back last June and I totally forgot to write about it. I have a short list of acquisitions that I still have to write about, and my list doesn't include this bad boy. Tell me, am I getting old or what?

So, what do we have here? Well, just a bunch of figures (five, to be exact) and a lackluster vehicle. Are the figures great? Not exactly, we've already seen some of them before, and the rest are just repainted and mished-mashed ones. What's so special about it? To start with, the set's actually pretty cheap. You get five figures with a decent amount of accessories and an Alpha Class vehicle, all for a little more than a thousand bucks! If that doesn't scream BARGAIN, I don't know what does. The set also comes packaged like a mini-diorama (inspired by a scene from the movie) and it's really a nice display piece. I decided not to open mine, but it's actually good for MOC/MIB-ers and loose-ers (that doesn't sound good) alike. It'll make a great Christmas present for little boys too! So, is the set worth buying? Absolutely! If you can still find some, don't hesitate to get (at least) one.


  1. I actually saw this set in a Ross store and was very excited, especially when I saw it was just $10. And then I saw it had been opened and every single figure had been stolen. I've never seen it anywhere since...

  2. Jeez, that ain't cool. This set never came out here in the Philippines at SRP. When it was released, it was already marked down, and they flew off the shelves quickly. I got mine from a specialty shop at a price not too far off the sale price.


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