Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[Review] Unimax Bravo Team: U.S. M3A2 Bradley

I have a fascination with all things military. I think that my love for the G.I. Joe brand  can be attributed to the line's military elements. Although G.I. Joe seems to have military roots, it actually draws a lot from the science fiction genre, usually to the dismay of military enthusiasts. I'm cool with the sci-fi elements of the line, as I believe that they make the brand more entertaining especially for casual fans. I also love how the sci-fi elements translate into toys, though suspension of disbelief is oftentimes necessary to accept that a certain item works a certain way. But if you want your toys to be purely military, then you're going to love Unimax Toys' Bravo Team

The Bravo Team line recreates your favorite military hardware into toys of various scales. Their products are really good, but aren't quite easy to find. The pricepoint may turn you off, but I assure you that you'll get your money's worth with their products. Bravo Team toys can usually be seen at hobby shops and specialty stores, probably because the company's target market focuses on collectors, not kids. I'm quite lucky because a hobby shop that carries this line is only an hour's drive away from where I live. I was able to snag a U.S. M3A2 Bradley tank in desert colors almost a year ago, and I'm reviewing it today.

This is one BIG tank. It measures 14 inches long, a little more than 6 inches wide, and more than 8 inches high with the main turret  elevated. It comes out of the package fully-assembled, with none of its parts readily removable.

It's not as heavy as it looks, but it doesn't mean that it's quite light. Most of the parts are made from hard plastic, while some parts, like the headlights and mudguards, are made from softer, rubbery plastic.

The real-life M3A2 can carry a crew of 3 (a general, a gunner, and a driver) plus 7 (troops), but design limitations reduced the toy's carrying capacity into a crew of 2 (a general, and a gunner) plus 4. It's hard to fit four Generation 3 G.I. Joe figures inside the passenger hatch, but it can be done. Remember that Generation 3 G.I. Joe figures are quite larger than your usual 1:18 figures.

What sells this monster is the amount of minute details  sculpted onto it.  There are bolts, rivets, grills, panels, doors, lights,  and a lot of other sculpted details. It is LOADED with details, both sculpted and painted on. It has the usual military markings painted on, and it has a wash that makes it look battle-tested.

This monster also features working tracks, elevating guns, and a rotating turret for some play value. 

The M3A2 bradley is also available in woodland camo colors. There are other military machines that got the toy treatment  from Unimax, and they include the following: U.S. M1A1 Abrams, U.S. M4A3 Sherman, U.S. M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage, and German Tiger I. 

Wheter you like your toys purely military, or with a twist of sci-fi, you can't deny that Unimax Bravo Team toys fit perfectly with your Joes.

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