Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Acquisitions] G.I.Joe: POC Pre-Production Duke + Ripcord

What a week! After getting injured while playing basketball (severe back spasms), I had to spend the next five days resting. It was really tough, I couldn't even stand/walk during the first three days, and all I could do was surf the net and shop for toys on eBay. The Marvel stuff arrived first, and I've already posted articles about them yesterday. Well, today I received the G.I. Joe pre-production figures that I ordered from Kramer: Toy Warden.

I got these figs for less than 400 bucks each, a good bargain considering these items never got released officially. Just like the Elite Ice-Viper figure, these two figures were supposed to be part of the Pursuit of Cobra line before they got cancelled. The Desert Battle Ripcord sculpt was later reused and released as  Jungle Assault Skydive (w/ a different paint job and head), but the Arctic Threat Duke sculpt remains unreleased to this day. I remember seeing a Desert Battle Ripcord figure being sold for nearly 2000 bucks at one specialty shop in Greenhills a couple of months back, and I'm glad that I decided not to buy the figure then.  

It's quite a bummer that the Arctic Threat Duke figure didn't come with it's vest/jacket, but that seems to be the norm with this particular figure, as covered by Mr. Justin Bell in his review. I'm planning to try and put different vests on the figure and see if something suits the fig. I'll post pictures as soon as I find a vest that does the job.

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